Strip Waxing

A temporary method of hair removal which removes hairs completely from the follicle. Can last up to 4 to 6 weeks and gives a smooth finish with a soft re-growth. Hairs must be at least 2mm long to remove effectively.

Half Leg £15

Three-Quarter Leg £20

Full Leg £24

Fore-Arm Half £10

Full Arm £15

Basic Bikini £10

Eyebrow Shape £9

Side of Face £5

Belly £3

Chest £20

Back £20

Full Leg & Underarm/Bikini Tidy £30

Half Leg & Underarm/Bikini Tidy £24

Three-Quarter Leg & Underarm/Bikini Tidy £28



Lycon wax

Lycon wax is creamy and more gentle on more sensitive areas making waxing a less painful experience. With aromatherapy ingredients, Lycon delivers amazing results. Can remove hairs as short as 1mm long.

Brazilian £27

Hollywood £30

Underarm £9

Lip £6

Chin £6

Lip & Chin £11




The original hair-growth inhibitor:

• Makes waxing last longer

• Prevents ingrown hairs

• Makes waxing less painful

• Reduces reddening in the skin


Click here for more information on how Propil works


Large Area £10

Small Area £5

Post depilation specific cream £24.95




Body Art Crystals in Sparkling Designs £10